Stuffing Her Shaver

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April 21, 2014
3min 115 pics HD

Stuffing Her Shaver

Ever wonder what a lovely Teen gets up to after school before her home works done? Welcome to the world of Alex, a tasty little Russian babe who takes matters into her own hands.

You see the guy sat her school just dont get all those signals, that her nubile little body puts out, so she's left masturbating in front of our camera's on a regular basis. Oh, what a shame!

Enjoy as Alex rockets herself to climax using her fingers and a nice big red buddy we loaned her. Aching little shaver of hers quivering, and her hiips gyrating back and forth as she gives it that tasty treasure exactly what it needs. Fuck those boys, she's got her fingers.....shame on them for not giving her the goods.