Lingerie, Wine, And Orgasms!

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Alice and Bonny

April 27, 2012
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Lingerie, Wine, And Orgasms!

When ultra hot teen cuties Alice and Bonnie get together for their girls night in, they make sure to emphasize that it's all girls, and that their buttons are going to be pushed in good. Feast your eyes on the joy these two lovely Russian teens receive when they unwrap some gifts, drink some wine, and ravage each other with a super duper clit massager that sends their eyeballs rolling in circles!

Alice is the first to get her orgasm knocked out of the ball park by Bonnie, who lays her on lambskin rug, ever so seductively, and then peels her panties off and flips her legs straight over her head for the munch down! We get a nice view of her puckered starfish while Bonnie feathers her tongue over the juicy clit waiting for her mouth to devour it. Her pink slit glistens with excitement and then the powered massage head has it's way with her snack box. Mmmmmm, what darn lucky massager that is! Once Alice has popped, they exchange places and Bonnie get's the full body lick down she's been workin for. Panties slide off and her washboard abs tense up. Damn that's gotta be some tight pussy, just look at that stomach. Legs go spread eagle and her pussy get's the tasty tongue treatment. Gourmet straight from the bistro for Alice! She wastes no time applying the pressures of the massager with keen precision onto Bonnie's loving clit. Her face goes flush, the eyes roll, BINGO! Complete orgasmic ecstasy. All in a days work!

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